Evolving through Waste

Raqib Bashorun is amongst the most prominent contemporary artists working in Nigeria today. His exemplary career as an artist and teacher is marked by significant exhibitions around the world and the quality of a younger generation of artists defining their spaces on the Lagos artscape.

Evolving through Waste is the latest in a series of exhibitions which focuses on the artist’s increasing interest with found materials – a preoccupation since 1987. In his hands, he skillfully re-purposes them into objects of beauty and usefulness.

Presented here are 18 works. Of principal interest is Ripples, Bubbles and Rhythm which marks an end point and a new beginning in Bashorun’s new body of work. Ripples, Bubbles and Rhythm serves as the connecting block between these works on display and Evolving through Discovery, a series completed in 2013, and the subject of a previous solo exhibition. The work is significant as it marks arguable, the incorporation of bottle caps into his oeuvre.

A special thank you goes to the art historian, Professor Frank Ugiomoh for his critical essay on Bashorun’s current work. Our gratitude also goes to the senior programme officer, The Ben Enwonwu Foundation, Luciano Uzuegbu for contributing his interview with Bashorun to the catalogue. The artist himself has written a short essay affording insight into his thoughts.

Our gratitude also goes to all staff at Omenka Gallery including assistant curator, Ladun Ogidan, who has contributed in no small measure to the success of this exhibition, and Yusuf Ariyo, head designer at Revilo for this beautiful catalogue.

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