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06 Oct 2014

Book review: Art as an Investment?

Three weeks ago, we brought you the first in two part series of a review on the book, Art as an Alternative Asset? A Survey of Comparative Assets, written by market expert Melanie Gerlis. In this week’s concluding episode, we will start off with a brief summary of Gerlis’ views about the risks of art in comparison with several other assets like gold, property, wine and luxury goods. She asserts, “Art has no intrinsic worth but unlike gold, is a market […]

15 Sep 2014

Book review: Art as an Investment?

This week, we will be bringing to you the first in our book review series. We will start with a review of an insightful book, Art as an Investment? A Survey of Comparative Assets, written by art market expert, Melanie Gerlis, an art market expert. Before her entry into the art market in 2005, she had spent a decade working with investment banks, private equity firms, stock exchanges and hedge funds. Therefore, it is no surprise that she initially approached […]

14 Jul 2014

Art as an Alternative Investment.

Welcome to my column, Art as an Alternative Investment. Here you will find the latest news and insider intelligence on the African art market including auction reports and art transaction prices. I will also be investigating major trends and showcasing the artists and key professionals who drive the industry, as art from the continent continues to gain increased global attention and command staggering fees on the international market. For the serious collector, informed investor, and fudiciaries in wealth management and […]